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Aug. 10th, 2008

Matt Maggiacomo

Wrock, as usual

Didn't go to the show. That is alright though, I spent a good part of the day getting better at the bass. I wouldn't say I'm particularly good but I can play at least and it sounds alright.

I've got a lot of ideas for songs right now, I just need to get them written. I'll try to do that tonight I suppose. 

I'm really excited about two of them. Well, I'm excited about all of them but especially the two I just thought up.

Matt Maggiacomo

Wrock Wreggies and Other Wrock Related Things

I should be there but a lack of a car and anyone to go with sort of ruled that out.

Ah well, I will hopefully be going to the Acoustic set at the Hilton tomorrow with Samm before going to visit Kat at her work.

And Lauren said I wouldn't have much to write about if I only wrote about wrock shows on this account. Speaking of which, she's been acting oddly. Oh well.

Aug. 9th, 2008

Matt Maggiacomo


I fixed my wireless!

I got to finally upload all my pictures from Wrock Chicago onto facebook.

I took a lot of pictures/videos.

Aug. 8th, 2008

Matt Maggiacomo

Wrock Chicago

Well then, after Wednesday I decided that I needed a livejournal account for me to just ramble on since my other account, xsilverxlightx, is just for fanfiction and icons. I didn't think I'd need a livejournal for rambling but after Wrock Chicago, it was obviously necessary.

I was not aware of how much of a ridiculous fan girl I was capable of being until we arrived at the hotel and saw Alex Carpenter and Matt Maggiacomo and I kind of accidently scratched her arm. I guess my nails are way too long, but that's not the point. I didn't make her bleed at least and she later admitted that seeing them was totally worth such an attack on her arm. Until Ministry of Magic started playing, we just wandered around and I kept pointing people out to Kat, because she's not quite as insane as I am about wrock or at least I spend more of my time on myspace for it and therefore can recognize them more easily.

Ministry of Magic was absolutely amazing. I wish they had headlined instead of Tonks and the Aurors, but that is okay. I hadn't listened to them all that much before Wednesday but they are now my third favorite wrock band. In between sets Mark came over to talk to me and Kat. For someone who spent most of the day dressed as the Dark Lord, he's amazingly nice and just amazing in general. I am so going to overuse that word in this entry. I apologize but I'm still in a bit of a daze over everything and therefore can't think of a better word. Unfortunately Kat and I were too in awe of the fact that he had just come up and started talking to us to remember to ask to get a picture with him. Next time, maybe. There will be a next time too because I absolutely must see them again, as many times as possible.

After Ministry, we saw Nagini (I think, I can't find the paper with the line up on it). I love her. She's hilarious and James Potter Isn't Cool is one of my favorite songs. I'm not fond of James. Then we saw The House of Black (and Witherwings sang with her for a song). There were glow sticks involved and songs about being a fan girl, so obviously, I was happy. Plus Mark from MoM joined her for a song, which made the set even better. After that was The Butterbeer Experience. I got a video of Lena and Mark singing The Death Eater Tango, which is another one of my favorite songs and then had it stuck in my head for quite awhile. I've had wrock songs stuck in my head for like a week now, so it didn't really bother me. 

Then there was a break where we just weren't really interested in either of the bands that were playing so we were just waiting for the next set and that is when Mark came and talked to us. After he left to take pictures with some other people and go to lunch with the rest of MoM, our conversation took an unfortunate turn in which we discussed whether or not it would be cool to have people sign my dress. Unfortunately we realized that the fabric markers I apparently always have with me only worked on one of the ruffles at the bottom, we decided it would be too awkward.

Next we heard Neville's Diary. Now I laugh every time anyone mentions Professor Sprout, which oddly enough occurs more often in my life than one might expect. Needless to say, his set was really good. After that The Chocolate Frogs played. I've always liked them a lot. They did a parody of the song from Juno, which was quite amusing and I video taped it. Next we heard The Parselmouths. I love them. They are hilarious and it is absolutely amazing that rather than having a drummer Eia tap danced. It was really awesome. Plus during Voldemort Fan Girl, Mark came on stage and danced like crazy. Mark is pretty much my hero now. 

At this point we went to see the headliners merchandise area, where we talked to Alex at The Remus Lupins table and bought shirts. Then we went to The Whomping Willows table and I bought a shirt and talked to Matt. I had another total fan girl moment after that when Kat and I left and I informed her "they both touched my hand" and then died of laughter at how completely out of my mind I am. I'm not really that insane, I promise I was joking.

Then we went upstairs to see The Moaning Myrtles, we couldn't actually see them though because of the massive crowd, but I love their music and they sounded fantastic. Then we saw Gred and Forge with Tom Riddle and Friends, since TRaF weren't asked to play, which is disappointing because they are an awesome band. It was cool to see them play together (with Bryce from Neville's Diary on drums). They had the whole room dancing, it was really fun. Then we saw Catchlove. Jace had everyone sit down really close together, which was kind of awkward and part of MoM was sitting in front of us and kept fidgeting and awkwardly leaning on each other because everyone was too close. Eventually Jace asked the audience what song to play and someone yelled SINCE U BEEN GONE! He said he needed Alex Carpenter for that though. So he called Alex and told everyone to yell "GET UPSTAIRS RIGHT NOW!" when he answered, but he didn't so we left a voicemail. Alex came up after the next song (not because he got the voicemail but because he heard yelling and thought that Jace must be having a really awesome set) and so they sang it and I videotaped it on Kat's camera. It was pretty freaking epic. 

After that we went to get dinner really quickly from Subway. When we got back we went to talk to Alex again because Kat had forgotten to tell him how she and Devin sang I Was A Teenage Werewolf on the full moon. We got pictures with him too, which was quite exciting. Then we went and waited for two hours for the headliners to start. We were near the front of the line but then all these people showed up and there was no more line which was really unfortunate. It also resulted in me saying "I have to be in the front row, not for the first band but Matt Maggia- I can't finish that, I'm not going to rhyme." We were in the like the fourth row, which wasn't bad.

Tonks and the Aurors, well, they were alright. However, Kat and I vehemently object to Remus/Tonks so we pretty much don't like any of the songs. They were good songs but we hated the subject matter. 

Then The Whomping Willows played. Sadly, we did not get up to the front row, but it was still really awesome. The Whomping Willows are my absolute favorite wrock band. I was ridiculously excited about finally getting to see him. He sang all my favorite songs, which made me ridiculously happy. Hey Remus is absolutely hilarious. Draco and Harry was great too, especially since Brian and Bradley from Draco and the Malfoys were playing the set with him. At this point, I was pretty sure this was one of the best concerts I'd ever been too. I took lots of pictures, I would have taken even more but there is something wrong with my camera, which is quite upsetting.

The Remus Lupins were next. Kat was very excited as they are her favorite Wrock band. They are my second favorite. We took lots of pictures and videos. Before they started playing, the staff told us we weren't allowed to jump because it was disturbing the people below us. That was unfortunate but everyone kept dancing. They also played all their songs that I really love, which was great. I really love Alone on Valentine's Day, even though I don't like the Lily/Remus pairing much. I believe it more than Remus/Tonks at any rate. However, Remus/Sirius shall always be the greatest pairing EVER. By this point, I was starting to loose my voice from cheering and singing.

Draco and the Malfoys played next. A lot of people who are just Alex Carpenter fan girls left at this point (I am one but I'm pretty much an every wrocker fan girl), which was cool because we got to move a bit closer. There was an overly enthusiastic man who had to be at least 30 standing next to me at this point though and it was a little odd as he clearly wasn't there with children or anything. He was swearing and singing really loudly. It was amusing though. Brian and Bradley are amazing of course, so it was really entertaining. 99 Death Eaters is a fantastic song. As is, It's A Slytherin World (yay Slytherin!). I got a video of them singing My Dad is Rich, Your Dad is Dead.

Harry and the Potters were the second to last band. I think the security guards absolutely hated them. They kept coming out into the crowd and got everyone jumping again. It was freaking amazing. I had seen them before in NYC and thought that that had been a good show, this was a million times better. I could barely talk after their set, my voice was pretty much dead. At the end of their set, Bradley, Brian, and Matt joined them and they had all these other people in costumes and stuff, it was so cool. I video taped that and got a pretty epic picture of when Matt picked Bradley up. It was a perfect ending.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the end. The Switchblade Kittens hadn't played yet. I think they should have played before The Whomping Willows because nearly everyone stopped paying attention at that point. They took a long time setting up and everyone wanted to go talk to the other headliners. We didn't stay to listen to them because well neither of us were all that interested and we wanted to talk to the headliners just like everyone else. I was disappointed that we didn't really get to see them but I was too tired to wait for another set.

I had a ridiculously hard time deciding between buying a DatM t-shirt or a Whomping Willow's CD. I ended up buying the CD. However, that meant having to decide which of his CDs to buy and I am terrible at decisions so he picked for me. I made Kat play it for like three hours straight when we got back to her house. Once I had the CD, we went and took pictures with Paul and Joe from HatP, Bradley, and Brian. The picture of me and Brian is one of the most epic pictures ever. I'll make an icon of it soon. Then we just sort of wandered for a bit because I refused to leave before I got a picture with Matt. Kat bought a Dumbledore wants you to Wrock the Vote poster so we went around and got Alex, Bradley, Brian, Paul, Joe, Bryce, and Jace to sign it. We also got pictures with Jace. Later on I realized that Jace had my sharpie cap in his mouth when he signed it and now I'm keeping it forever. Not that I would have gotten rid of it anyway because Sharpie's are useful. Then we finally found Matt when he wasn't at the merch table, got him to sign Kat's poster and I got a picture with him, as is obvious from my icon. It was pretty much the best moment of my life. I was so excited that I had just hugged Matt Maggiacomo, that I forgot to ask him if he was at Warped Tour, because I really thought I saw him during the Horrorpops set, but I think it was just someone who looks like him.

So that was the end of our super epic night of Wrock. It was by far the best concert I've ever been too. It was so much fun. The bands were amazing and they are all so ridiculously nice, it is amazing. I cannot wait for the NYC Wrock Fest, though I don't know if it will be quite as amazing as Wrock Chicago. I'm going to start paying much closer attention to when any of them have shows near me because I need to go to as many wrock shows as possible.

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