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Matt Maggiacomo


Rather than make your friend page epically long, I put my massive ramblings behind a cut. Yay!

I am utterly exhausted, pretty much everything hurts (especially my feet and my neck). My voice is pretty much gone from screaming. I'm still kinda sticky because I was attacked by bubbles. I could not be happier. Unless of course someone amazing had confessed their undying love for me or something ridiculous like that. I wasn't really expecting that though so it's okay.

Anyway, so I got up at 9 and was at the venue by 10:30, which was an EXCELLENT decision on my part as I was literally touching the stage through out the entire show. But back to before the show. So I was standing there, eating my bagel (which unfortunately was all I ate today except some crackers when I got back and realized this fact) and this awkward boy kept trying to talk to me but he was talking to me about how little he knew about Harry Potter and I was just like WTF that is not the way to make friends with someone at a WIZARD ROCK show. -sigh- Anyway, then this girl (who I later discovered was also named Annie) saw my awesome shirt and was like YOU'RE AMAZING! HIGH FIVE!

Then this other girl walked by and was like I NEED A PICTURE OF YOU! DON'T LOOK AT THE CAMERA THOUGH! LOOK BORED! OMG YOU'RE SO BAD ASS! and then she walked away but ended up coming back and wanting another picture of me looking bad ass, it was fun. Then Alex Carpenter came outside and video taped everyone waving for his vlog. Yes, I will almost definitely be in his vlog, though probably only briefly.

I had managed to avoid complete epic fangirling when Alex and Matt got there and were standing like right across the street for awhile. It was rather impressive on my part. Fangirling is more fun when I have someone there to be obnoxious with though. (Mimi had too much work to do so she couldn't go.) I still managed to take a ridiculous amount of pictures and videos of everyone though. Currently my favorite video from tonight is the one of Alastor singing HatP David Bowie style. I'll upload that eventually.

Anyway, the Princess of Hogwarts was first, she's so adorable. Her set was really short but I think it's pretty much amazing that she writes wizard rock songs and performs them in front of such large crowds. The Hungarian Horntails were equally adorable. Dragon wrock is hilarious. Then the Horntail's dad played his set as the Cedric Diggorys. He had the most amazing sparkly blue guitar. I was pretty much in awe of it.

Fred and George the band, who is not a duet or male, was next. I need to listen to her songs more as I really liked her set. I also enjoyed the fact that apparently there were people playing a drinking game for whenever she blew her hair out of her face, which happened a lot. After her, the mother of the Horntails, Dj Luna Lovegood played her set. A lot of her songs were really sad, like the one about Dobby. They were very good though. Then her husband came back out and they performed together as The Greybacks. They have a really little girl though who had to be on stage with them, it was hilarious because her dad was singing about wanting to eat people and the little girl kept running over to him. I really liked The Greybacks part of the set, probably because I love psychobilly music. Plus he was incredibly enthusiastic and like crawling around on the edge of the stage singing directly to everyone in the front row, which was fantastic.

Then it was time for NAGINI AND ALASTOR! I loooooooooooove them. I knew all the words to pretty much every song. It was really amusing. I already mentioned the David Bowie impersonation so I won't repeat it too much. Alastor came very close to accidently kicking me in the face when he put his foot up on the monitor whilst singing. I was kinda too excited about the fact that I was that ridiculously close to be concerned by the fact that it was possibly hazardous. (Why would I care about my well being when there is epic wrock to listen/dance to and sing/scream along with?)

The Butterbeer Experience was next. Lena is sooooo amazing. I love all her songs (even if Kat thinks some of them sound like Wicked XD). The guacamole ukulele song, which she sings with Lauren from The Moaning Myrtles is absolutely hilarious. It kind of makes me think learning the ukulele is a great idea. Mostly thinking about it now just makes me want guacamole, not necessarily from Ruby Tuesday though and really it's just because I should eat but I only have pasta and don't feel like making that right now as that requires standing and my feet really fucking hurt... longest sentence ever?

Then Split Seven Ways performed, which was quite exciting as I will probably never get another chance to see her live. She didn't play my favorite of her songs but she did play Don't Slip Away which is about Dumbledore/Grindlewald (one of my new favorite pairings). I feel like I should have more to say but it is late and I am tired and in pain so that will be the end.

Justin Finch-Fletchley and the Sugar Quills (who consisted of Matt, Brian, and Bradley) were next. I had not realized before that how much I absolutely love JFF. There was way too much awesome on one stage. It was epic. I was quite impressed when I found out that Matt and Brad both also play bass and drums. I've seen Bradley play drums before but yeah. It was really amazing. I love Dumbledore is Gay, Whompy Stole My Pillow, and Eff the Ministry. Actually I love all the songs they performed. I was going to continue listing them but I realized I'd end up with the majority if not all of the set list up then.

Lauren from the Moaning Myrtles played an accoustic set next with Alex who was not Remus then. He also wasn't Roger Davies. He was Will Perry or something like that. It was amusing. Their set was really good (I know I keep saying that but it's totally true). Kat will be pleased to learn that they did a song from Dr Horrible and that I videotaped it for her. (Don't you love me, Kat?)

Celestial Warmbottom was next. I got all covered in bubbles at this point, when her daughter (who, oddly enough is the girl who thought I looked really bad ass and kept taking my picture) was using a bubbleblower before the set started. I'd never heard her live before. It was fun.

Speaking of fun, Christian's set was EPIC. Christian is OBatR. He played a couple songs on accoustic guitar and then did "karaoke" by singing his songs with a recording of the instrumentals. He forgets the words to his songs a lot. It's quite entertaining. That apparently is why he has and the Rembralls in his name. During Flight of the Prince (his last song) he shouted "everyone in the front row get on stage and dance!" so we did and it was soooooooooo much fun. I love acting like an idiot at wrock shows. I really hope someone uploads a video of that onto youtube as it was EPIC.

Swish and Flick performed after that. They had these really cool light things that changed with the music. I still find the songs a bit ridiculous but they are definitely entertaining. It was really impressive that Stacy organized pretty much everything and that John was in charge of all the set up changes and such between acts and managed to keep everything pretty much on time despite the fact that like five minutes was alloted for each change. The end of their set was really amusing when the guys dressed as Tom Riddle and Voldemort came out and were dancing with Stacy.

The Remus Lupins were next. Alex was by himself doing an accoustic set which was REALLY FREAKING AMAZING. I have the majority of his set on video for Kat, which I will somehow upload tomorrow. Unfortunately he played a Remus/Tonks song, which was mildly distressing but as he is Alex Carpenter I can deal with it. At the end of his set Justin, Brad, Brian, and Matt joined him to sing With A Little Help From My Friends. It was adorable, even though they forgot the words a few times. They stayed to help him sing his last song Looking For Trouble which was EPIC because there was way too much amazingness on one stage, sort of like the end of the HatP set at Wrock Chicago.

Whompy was after him and Alex told us he'd be really upset if we didn't dance as hard as he did (and he did dance in the audience, which was awesome). I have Justin's copy of their set list up on my wall. (Front row FTW!) Justin played bass for him, Bradley played drums, and Brian played guitar too. They did Draco and Harry first, which is always amazing (WHY DIDN'T I GO TO WROCK WREGGIES? -cries-). I fucking love that song. Even though I'm not a huge Draco/Harry shipper. Then they did This Arboreal Coil. It's a fantastic song. I Believe In Nargles was next. God I love that song. I especially love it because of the tshirt I have because of it and the fact that whenever I wear it everyone asks me 'What's a nargle?' I am waiting for the day when someone yells "OMG ME TOO!" That will just be so much win. Ginny is a Punk Rocker was next, which is not my favorite song but is still pretty great. Bad Case of the Voldies was next, which I really like. My parents were so confused by it though when I forced them to listen to WW III on repeat in the car. It was entertaining when they got to the "where does my loyalty lie..." part and Brian was really enthusiastic about the Draco option. I Found A Looppole was next. I really don't like Hermoine, but I love that song. I still have yet to find out if Shaant knows that song. I kind of hope not though because I don't really want to marry him.  Your Flying Car was next. I don't know that song as well as some of the others, but it is a great song. I need to get his first cd. WIZARD ROCK HEART THROB was next. That's like the greatest song ever. It's especially fun when most of the people mentioned are there and EVERTYONE points to them. The Tour Song was after that. I love love love love that song, as is evident by the title thing on my journal. It's such a pretty song. The Neville Song was next. I love that song too and the ridiculous dance that goes with it, which I sometimes performed at the South Shore station. I wasn't making it up. Everyone was doing it. It's kind of like how the Hagrid Song requires dancing. For their last song they played House of Awesome, which was an excellent song to end with, even though it was really disappointing that their set was over.

Sadly, Draco and the Malfoys were the last set of the night. Sad because it was the end not because it was them. I fucking love them. They took requests pretty much the whole time. A couple people kept screaming COVAH YR JUNK but sadly they didn't do that. Their set was awesome as usual though. I really need to get a DatM shirt and one of their cds next time I see them. I wanted to today but wasn't willing to give up my epic spot by the stage. Theshtrals in Heat is an amazing song. Utterly ridiculous, but absolutely amazing. It is one of my favorites of their songs. I'm also a big fan of 99 Death Eaters and Slytherin World. They didn't play Party Like Your Evil, which was mildly disappointing but it was still a fantastic set.

Then I had to go to the train station and wait for like forever and ended up standing on both trains and my feet wanted to kill me. My brains was far too happy to care though.