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That is right. It got here at like 11:30 and I spent two and half hours freaking out about how the mail room didn't give me a package slip yet and then that they were closed for them to go on lunch. Then I had to run back upstairs and ripped open the box so I could see how pretty it was before running to class. The floor is covered in cardboard boxes. Guitar Center was definitely overenthusiastic about the boxes. The important thing though is I HAVE MY OWN BASS!

I took a look at the songs I wrote this summer and I was really impressed (or as I'd tell Kat, impressede). It was kinda weird but I sang one of them (quietly so my suitemates wouldn't be like wtf?)  and when I finished I was like HOLY SHIT I'M A GENIUS! I think that was exactly what I told Lauren. She agreed. I hope she gets her guitar soon so she can get much better at it and then start writing her guitar parts so I can write bass parts that match because writing the bass part first for all these songs is kind of weird.

Still waiting eagerly for the 9 wrock EPs to get here. I'm also counting down the days until NYC Wrock Fest! (Ten currently, in less than half an hour it'll be 9!) I hope I can get someone to go with me, by someone I of course mean Mimi or Nadine.

I saw a girl the other day wearing a HatP shirt at school. She was getting off the elevator when I got on. I nearly yelled OMG HARRY AND THE POTTERS but I decided not to be completely scary. If she'd been getting on too I could have said something but it was awkward since she was walking away.

Just before that I had to go to Borders and the guy working there looked a little like Percy Weasley. It amused me and distracted me from his attempt at having a conversation, which was awkward. Why are all guys who work there slighty creepy? At least he wasn't as bad at the one who was blatantly staring and unfortunate looking (though Nadine thought he was attractive). If I go back there and he's working again maybe I'll tell him he looks like Percy. If he knows what the hell I'm talking about, I will be impressede, yes with the e.


DUDE. You have to find the HatP girl. Make this your mission. Then you can scare her with your awesome knowledge of wrock.

I like very much that you have a 'percy weasley' tag. That wrock hardcore.

I just heard someone vomit outside. Oh, college.

It has also not stopped raining since yesterday (and by that I mean Thursday).