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Why September is Exciting

Well, the really super exciting thing I didn't want to talk about in case it didn't work out, didn't work out but that is totally fine with me.

On a much happier note MY BASS SHOULD BE HERE TOMORROW! The amp won't be, but still. This is quite exciting! I will start writing songs more/working on the bass part for all the other songs on Friday probably. It will be an epic day of Wizard Wrock. I will then get to decide if/how I will decorate it and make it pretty and perfect for MatD. Haha, that's almost the exact opposite of DatM.

NYC WROCK FEST! I can't believe it's only TEN DAYS AWAY! I am so excited for it. I might be going alone, which is pretty sad but it will be absolutely fantastic either way. I might still try to convince my friends from school that it is completely worth getting up at like 8 or 9 in the morning to go there and get in line to get them tickets.

I need to finish my Wizards Prefer Redheads shirt before then. I'll do that this weekend too I suppose. I need to figure out some sort of straps for it as there will probably be lots of jumping at the show and I'd rather not have it sliding down. I'll figure out something I'm sure. My lack of a sewing machine makes it much more difficult though. Ah well. I will manage.

I subscribed to the EP of the Month Club! I can't wait to get all the EPs. I am especially looking forward to Treeestylin'. I will probably drive my friends crazy by listening to all of them on repeat. I needed more wrock cds, as I only have a couple. This is perfect and they are $5 each! It doesn't get much cheaper than that and I'm sure they'll all be absolutely amazing.

I'm working on a story and by story I mean epic poem for the Tears of the Phoenix Anthology, Wrock and Read. It is going to be insane. By epic poem, I mean an epic poem like The Aenid, The Odyssey, The Iliad, etc. (Yay classics references!) That's what happens when I have to spend 22 hours on a train. I write epic poems. I need to work on correcting the meter and such but it's actually pretty close to being done. It was really hard choosing which prompt to use because pretty much all of them were really interesting. I think I made the right choice, though I may decide to write something else and then pick betweent the two (or three or more if I have a lot of time on my hands... which will most likely happen).