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Ta-Da, Ta-Da, Ta-Da FOREVER


I go back to New York in just over a week. I will miss everyone like crazy, but I can't help being incredibly excited. Last year I was pretty much dreading going off to school and most of this summer I thought would be the same way. I know this is going to sound rather ridiculous, but wrock has fixed that, sort of. I mean, there were a lot of factors last year that led to me want to be at home rather than school but now, I've got reasons to want both so that I am okay with being really far away for eight months out of the year.

My first reason is definitely the most exciting reason and the main reason for me wanting to be in NYC RIGHT NOW. However, as it is not for sure yet, I won't talk about it in detail until I know for sure. Even though all two people who read this thing know exactly what I am talking about because I have not stopped freaking out about it since I found it is was possible. This would probably be the greatest thing that has happened to me since I got my scholarship. This involves no money but that is fine by me because it would just be the most fantastic experience possible. This sounds rather ridiculous, even to me, but wizard rock has become such an important part of my life since I started listening to it. There really isn't much in my life that I ever get this excited about. It seems weird to say that it has had a big impact on my life when I've only been listening to it for just over a year and have only been to two wrock shows but it has. Especially since i decided that I could start my own.

Anyway on to my other reasons. NYC WROCK FEST on September 21st! I don't think it will be quite as epic as Wrock Chicago (I don't know that anything ever will be) but it will still be incredibly awesome. I haven't seen a lot of the bands that are playing at it before but I've heard their music and cannot wait. I am really lucky that this will only be my third wrock show but I'll have seen dozens of bands and many of my favorites twice. I am going to do everything in my power to get to Wrockstock 2009 because these big wrock shows are such amazing experiences. After Warped Tour I didn't think that any bands would be as nice as Ludo was but I was absolutely blown away by how incredibly nice all of them were.

The next most important thing on my list of really exciting things is that once I get to New York City, I will be purchasing my own bass guitar! I cannot wait. I am getting a black Yamaha RBX170. It is gorgeous and the guy I talked to at Guitar Center said it was the best I could get for my price range which is that of a broke college student but that is fine. I'm very excited. I was told I should not get a black one because I will have to clean it but I really don't see how that is a problem. Plus I can't have a red or blue one because those are Gryffindor and Ravenclaw colors (respectively) and I am a Slytherin.

This is pretty much equally as exciting as everything else I've talked about but somehow it ended up as the third thing on my list. The Whomping Willows and Justin Finch-Fletchley are going on tour with the Whomp the House 2 tour and will be stopping in NYC TWICE! This means I will get to see The Whomping Willows THREE more times in the next three months. The second show is the day before Thanksgiving, so I guess I'll have to convince my parents that they should let me fly home on Thanksgiving day rather than the day before. Unfortunately, I cannot imagine them being all that happy with this plan. I will do what I can though because I am sure that concert will be completely worth it.

One of the other super exciting things that will happen is of course, the THEATRICAL RELEASE of WE ARE WIZARDS! I am already counting down the days since I was sadly unable to see it at the screening at the Brooklyn Underground Film Festival in April. I was so upset that I couldn't go but I had a lot of work that week and no one was willing to go with me. So now I will get to see it and I absolutely cannot wait. I stayed up late tonight to watch "Wizard People, Dear Reader" by Brad Neely. Wow. That man is HILARIOUS. I love talking over movies but he took it to an entirely different level and I was really impressed.

I suppose that this will be the end of my epic ramblings about how excited I am to be in NYC this fall, purely because of wizard wrock and the Harry Potter fandom. Of course NYC is amazing for about a million other reasons but at the moment, these are the most important for me. Hopefully I will have an update for this soon revealing the most epic first reason that I am only vaguely hinting at until I know for sure even though both Kat and Samm know exactly what I am talking about already and I don't think anyone else reads this livejournal.