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Matt Maggiacomo

Really Exciting Things

Well, first of all, We Are Wizards, the documentary about the Harry Potter fandom, especially wrock, is being released in theaters, starting in NYC in November! I was sooooo disappointed I missed it because I had homework and no one to go with when it was at the Underground Film Festival. I'm definitely going opening day. I cannot wait. I hope it stays in theaters for awhile and is still there when Kat visits me. I rather doubt that that will happen though, sadly.

The release of HBP was pushed back to July. I was really excited for it in November, but now I get to see it with people who are as excited as I am and in IMAX on opening day! I am really hoping that they do a good job with it.

I might have a side project wrock band. I'm rather excited as it is with a girl from Italy and a guy from Australia. How cool would that be? I love the internet because this would not otherwise be at all possible. We wouldn't be able to play shows (unless we got ridiculously good and such and all went to cons or something) but it would still be really fun.

Um, that is all I will talk about on here. I actually have another awesome wrock related story but I'm not going to talk about that because it will only further encourage me which is a VERY BAD PLAN.


Perhaps the movie will be in Chicago during break!

I will order the right Harry Potter tickets this time. I SWEAR I WILL.

Oh. RIGHT. Your very bad plan. Tisk. Tisk. (lolz)